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Monday, June 23, 2008

Preview of Freelance work

Sketch for the new album from the band Andrew and the Pretty Punchers.

San Fran

was sweet!

So I graduated

So last month I graduated with a BFA and with honors... I'm quite sad that it's all over I really miss seeing my friends everyday and just talking to new people and joking around. I am excited for the next step in life but still I'm going to miss all my ccs people.... *tear tear*

My wall!!!
My design that was made into rugs by Hagopian, they made two cause the owners wanted to see how the different weaves would look. They were telling me that Karmanos was interested in putting some of the rugs in the downtown offices... that'd be so neat!

Society of Illustrators

Need to get back on the band wagon of blogging.

So these are from my trip to New York for the Society of Illustrators Student Show which I had a piece in! It was really exciting, I also received a scholarship from the Friends of the Commercial Arts. We also got a tour of the Society's private collection. It was incredible to see all the great paintings up close, and then after we had lunch in the Society dining room. It was so incredible and I met so many interesting people from all over the US and from great schools.

My art was used as the poster to advertise the show outside the building!!!

Mike, Me and James we all had a piece in the show!!!
Holding a Leyendecker

Monday, June 2, 2008

Haven't updated in awhile

So I need to update this blog, what have I done lately... well traveled to New York for the Society of Illustrators show, graduated!!!! and with honors (crazy!), and traveled to San Francisco and spent my nights partying in a co-op. Sweetness. Now I just need to get all my photos organized and post everything here. Thanks for being patient.