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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Preserve Opening

Friday night was my opening for my show The Preserve at Starkweather Arts Center. It went really well I sold a painting and some prints, and Anna also sold a few paintings as well. So overall great night!

A bunch of my buds were there, pictured is my fashionable buddy Jen, and Cat and Sara stopped by too! Jaye Thomas of the Rogue Satellites played after the opening and he sounded great! Perfect to go with art and wine. My friend Heather also did a write up on the show on the Perfect Laughter blog, which is a detroit based art blog run by my friends Dennis and Christina (the sweetest people ever! they exposed my screens for me). The night wasn't over until we saw a stupid kid get arrested for fighting outside the bar we were at. Some night! By the time we got home all of us were about the pass out. Man, I feel like so much stress has been lifted off my shoulders. Now time for Arts, Beats and Eats Festival which now is a few blocks away from my house! Yay!