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Sunday, July 8, 2007


This is Prudence... a little Owl I made. As you can see she keeps me company at work. This is how I've been spending my time, making owls. I'll post more pictures of the other Owls I made, some have tails and some are really big. I'm planning to sell my owls and other animals (coming soon, I'm making the patterns) on Etsy for fun and who knows maybe a little spending money. I'll also post pictures of my quilt I'm making for my mom as soon as I barrow someone's camera.

I also need to get to school and use some of the scanners to upload some sketches, haven't done any painting yet, but it'll come. I've been so busy at my job. Also I'm excited cause next week I'll also be working at school again being a TA for all the little highschool kiddies at art camp. Yeah young minds for me to mold! And I get to show them how to properly format their files so they can easily be printed (so when those kids come to CCS my job at the IC will be easier!). I'm excited to see what the kids in high school are now like... I'm so old!

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