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Saturday, November 17, 2007


On thursday I took part in a demo on making linoleum cuts and making prints from them. It was led by the wonderful Francis Jetter! Check out her art here Well she showed some of her work and showed us her process, then we got to play with the linoleum. It was great because I hadn't done that since high school. The one problem I ran into is that I drew directly onto the linoleum and when I printed it since the face was in reverse it looked kinda wonky, but it gave the drawing such a different life. So here it is... oooh

The Left one is the print, and the right is the print in reverse which shows what the girl looked like when I carved it. It's really neat how different they are.

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Marlee said...

hey, you remember when we did this in mr. griffith's class? that's right, this comment is all about ME. but really, though, you've gotten a lot further than those junior high days.