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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hello Again

I've been gone for the break but now I'm back, and I'm so excited for the next semester. Over the past month I got a ton of sweet stuff.
I got James Jean Process Recess 2 for my birthday
And a signed poster for the Beguiling b James Jean.

I also met Christian Slade when he came to my school before winter break which was awesome, he brought some of his little limited edition sketch books that he sold, and I got one which he signed, and he also signed my copy of his book "Korgi", and the book he illustrated "The Decoy". He was a really great guy who I learned a lot from. I hope I can keep in contact with him, he's really awesome.

I was so excited for the holidays I got a lot of dvds from Brazil, so I can practice my portuguese. And I got a few books, I got "The Story of B" which is a sequel to the book "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn, that book is my most favorite book ever. I also got some great art books, and classics, including the "Complete Dickens" it has a lot of Dickens books, who I also love.

My amazing friend, Marlee, from San Fran visited me and we had wonderous adventures around the city.

Adventures on Belle Isle!
Just hanging out
My awesome present from Marlee, Mucklucks (I think thats how they're spelled), I'm wearing them right now, they are some comfy.

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