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Sunday, April 13, 2008


This weekend has been quite refreshing i'm finally feeling calm and good. here's some stuff.

My wall, got my giraffe painting back today from the gallery, and my lovely king and queen need to be framed. And temporarily i get to stare at joe schlauds wonderful painting of i'm pretty sure it's his girlfriend (he's going to pick it up from me when he comes to the d from lansing... so soon it'll be gone... how sad) and my wonderful beaver and capybara prints by jeff nolan. they need frames... i love everybody's art and need to get prints from folks!
My feet.
Munny and tiny painting, i'm trying a new technique on the painting where i start in greyscale then glaze color ontop like Vermeer.
Painting on the easel now... and yes i'm using my bed for a makeshift desk, it works.