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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloweeny and boredom

So Halloween was great I went as Nurse Chapel from the original Star Trek, Kevin was Spock and our friend was Kirk. It was great on Fri we went to the Van's custom show curated by Andrew Davis at Cave Gallery. Sat we just chilled at Ryan's former apt.

I made my costume out of a XXL shirt!

So I've been trying to clean me house and get rid of stuff (everyone who know me knows I'm a "collector") So my fam hasn't seen it all painted. So i'm posting it.

Beside the front door my awesome sewing machine cabinet... currently I have my garage sale sewing machine on top cause the awesome old one in the cabinet is getting new wiring! And the roses where from a huge box of roses me and my wonderful minions found on the road while celebrating this wonderful tuesday we just had. We feel that they were a sign for us, showing that wonderful things were about to happen and change was a comin'.

Looking into the kitchen from the living room. A beautiful painting by Joe Schlaud and a silhouette of me at I think 2 and a little print of a painting of mine. And the end table has all my wonderful different flute and recorders I've collected from all over.

Part of my awesome art wall. Got prints of Heather Hansma, Camilla d'Errico, James Jean Poster, and some cutouts from juxtapoz. On the other half of the wall I have prints from Ryan Gitter, Jeff Nolan and a original screen print from Kristina Rafalski... I'll have to take a picture of those when that area is a little more clean. I love all my artwork and framing and hanging it. Oh and I have a wonderful screen print from Leyland Devito, he has the coveted spot above the tv! I'm so excited I have my full front room painted it only took a couple months!


Matt Oberdier said...

You are very photogenic. Who knew?

Kat Friday said...

Looks cozy =)