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Thursday, May 21, 2009


So less than a week, and off to Alaska. YAY!!

SO I caved and a got a twitter account... Thanks Heather :p

I was part of a Gallery 1988 SF feature on NOTCOT blog!!! That's pretty rad, read it here.
Working on my piece for Gallery 1988 LA's big show Crazy 4 Cult which should be extremely sweet. Most likely going with my sketches on 2001: A space odyssey, cause if you really know me, you'd know I've been obsessed with that movie since elementary and i have a crush on Dave.

Um... It's fun to check on your host to see how people got to your site, and in google search how people found your site. So far people got to my site from a Steroids site (don't really know how), an italian club website, and for google searching my favorites are "how to graduate with honors ccs detroit" (I think that is kinda obvious... get good grades?) and "brazil design heather ccs" (that one I have no clue). So yeah...

Anyway, come to my house tomorrow night to say toodles and drink a beer with yours truly.