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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


So soon this blog will be re-directed to the blog on me website, So updates ye blogrolls!

So I pretty much finished my webby site, and of course something happened with the layout of my blog... of course, I'll probably fix that around this weekend, and hopefully get my sketchbook page up too.

So tells me what you think!


Lance Red said...

Hello Lauren. I really like the new site. The home page is great. I am always a big fan of having large artwork there to grab people in; we are artists after all and it is good place to show off our work ;). The gallery is nice, very sleek, and the fading between images works well. Are the works in chronological order? You may consider retaking a photo of the image 'Girl #2' looks like there may be some photo glare and having the image of 'Girl #1' without the frame. The photo on your about page is excellent as well as your personal story. I would recommend editing it though for comma usage and there appears to be a double verb in the second sentence (migrated flew). I hope some of that may help. Overall it is a great new site. Congrats!

Just curious for use on my own site: how did you go about embedding your Blogger blog into your site structure? I’ve planning to do this myself next month. Also how did you get your logo appear on the tab in the browser?

Lauren Moyer said...

well the blog is done through wordpress and I made a custom theme to match my website. and the logo in the browser right now is the one of my web host, but you do it by making a favicon you can google it on how to do it.

Thanks for all the suggestions, i really do need to get some better images... ah when I find the time haha!

SO yeah update your blogroll to

Alyssa Cieslak said...

I love! Looks great!!!! Ballet on Saturday?

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