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Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I absolutely despise my flash website, and am currently building a awesome new one. But until it's up and ready I just used a program to quickly put up a temporary website that's all nice and clean.

So go have at it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well onward to a new year.

2009 could be a forgotten year, Yes, I did spend a wonderful summer with my cousin in Alaska and I am so grateful but I feel I have fallen off the artist bench and I need to pick myself up again. The year ended for me with a terrible job rejection but I look on to the new century and hope that positive thoughts will prevail.

I began 2010 in Washington DC with one of my oldest friends, Kate Leboeuf and my ever wonderful boyfriend Kevin. And jobwise I'm off to a great start I now am working as the Gallery Manager of TRA Art located in the Michigan Design Center, I'm hoping being surrounded by huge paintings of beautiful landscapes and people can fill me with daily inspiration.

I have sketches to be made into paintings and screenprints... redesigning of my blog and website ahead of me. Let's do this.

So onward into 2010, may it be the change that everyone needs, and only change for the better.

Till next time.