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Friday, September 14, 2007


Today I had so many starts! This morning I met up with some students from the Graphic and Interior Design department and was placed into a group with them to work on the sponsored project for the American Heart Association and their Red Dress campaign. It'll be fun cause I'm hooked up with a lot of kids I know and Lee and I get to work as an illustration team.

Then tonight I went to the Somerset Collection and started drawing for the sponsored project the illustration department is working on for them. We are doing fashion drawings of Costumes made by Cosprop which is an international costume design firm that works on the biggest historical films. The costumes are amazingly detailed. They treated us so well, we were treated to coffee and pizza from California Pizza Kitchen. Our waitress brought us the best cheesecake... amazing. I'm really excited for these projects, I think they'll go well.

Currently I'm working on a cover illustration for studio, and I chose the book Ishmael which is the most amazing and life changing book.

Work in Progress


I'll upload my sketches when I get them saved onto my hard-drive.


Nelson Luty said...

Hello Lauren!Tank you for put the of the my blog.Sorry my inglihs is very bad.I love your Gorilla!

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

I'm so diggin' the big ape as well, but then I'm a huge fan of drawing them as well. Keep slinging away there, Destroyer.