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Friday, September 28, 2007

Somerset Project

After trying to recover from sickness over the past week, I've decided I need to update! So here are the drawings I did for our project at the Somerset Collection, where we had to draw on location the period costumes from famous movies. I loved it so much, the dresses were incredible!


Wayne Porter said...

thanks! i felt bad that i had to leave early for work. I really dig these sketches. see ya later!

sebastian barreiro said...

Hey! Your works are really beautfull. All of them. I feel it like some style betwen the modern style an the seventies. The girl with long arms and Mark with the spirits are perefects!
I´ll put your blog in my links!!
Best you.

Scarlet said...

These are great.
I really like the expressions and the line work. I'm excited to see the final piece!

Leyland said...

Love 'em, Lauren. Very beautiful.