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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


So for one of my projects I've created these characters that are street urchins with sparrows, hence my new fondness for my company Sparrow & Urchin (under construct) Well I plan on making my own dolls but here's the custom munny i'm making in the mean time.

and there's a story that was the inspiration.
oh old timey language.

also found this inspiration
"I also vaguely remember how street urchins would kill the sparrows flying in plenty across the street and roast them in the little fire built with the dry twigs and leaves. Then they would clean the roasted bird, sprinkle salt and chilli powder and eat. For them, it was like a hunt in a jungle. A hunt in a jungle of rows and columns of tiled roof houses. Tiled roof houses can give space to these sparrows to build their nests. Concrete built, spacious bungalows could not accommodate these little sparrows. Is it not really sad? How man has become selfish to deprive some space even for little sparrows who are angel like. These street urchins will not listen even if the elders shout at them for doing so. For them it is a kind of adventure. Striking a sparrow with a single stone from their catapult is a feat that demands admiration from their friends."
except from an article by kalai selvi arivalagan

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Leyland "Lee" DeVito said...

Very creepy... I had been wanting to see that news article.