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Thursday, March 13, 2008


Some sketches of works in progress.
Sketch for my silkscreen poster, it's for the potluck this semester, still need to figure out the type.
Sketch for the companion piece to m kingfisher (which I will post sometime), she's a queen trigger fish.

I think this will be one of my last head shots, I really need to show what I can do with painting the body (and prove I can!)


Dave Swartz said...

I'm loving it!

Andrea Kowch said...

Love the fluidity of the fish!

See said...


michael eugene burdick said...

"the fluidity of the fish"
well put, andrea.
yeah, it's a great composition and i think it will make a killer finale to your series.

looking forward to the potluck.

See Hang said...

really dig your sketches.

Maria Filar said...

lauren, i love your work.