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Monday, June 29, 2009

Epic Fail

So I've been here a month, what have I done?

Seen a bear eat some salmon? - CHECK
Seen too many Moose, and don't like them now? - CHECK
Climbed a mountain? - CHECK
Thinks the Bald Eagle is a little over rated? - CHECK
Realized riding bikes in Alaska is hard? - CHECK
Rolled around on the ground? - CHECK
Hugged a tree? - CHECK
Painted? - CHECK
Miss the moon? - CHECK
Seen a glacier?
- CHECK Dug for Clams? - CHECK Miss having a car? - CHECK
Drooled over men in kilts? - CHECK
Grown a beard?
- Still working on it

There's still so much more to do....

Here's my messy desk... fail.

And am I serious?


Wayne Porter said...

nice update...haha.

keep up the good work!

Chelsea Greene Lewyta said...

Lol @ check list. You have nice light at least! I get 0 light in my studio. Make some art faster! I wanna see some finishes <3