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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the Easel

picture of me taking a picture, been playing with a 120 format camera my cuz is letting me use.

On the easel today. Middle pic I just did. Started from scratch no drawing just started painting.

Bad photo, middle girl I just painted from my head, her skin tones look awful in the pic maybe when it's brighter out I'll take another picture. First painting I can think of that I didn't start with a drawing, just painted. neat.

Tryin lighter skin tones. Experimenting. Stretched some canvases today. Awesome.


Lee said...

I love that you're jumping right into it. You remind me that I need to get moving on some stuff that's been paralyzed in the planning phase.

Daniel Fishel said...


Chelsea Greene Lewyta said...

I think your painting is getting better, like better color mixing, looks more natural. (Not that your painting wasn't already great) ROCK ON!

Francis Vallejo said...

hey Lauren, paintings looking nice, how've you been lately?