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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blog Action Day coming up!

On October 15th thousands of bloggers reaching millions of readers will post on a single topic, the environment. I think everyone needs to do this and be a part of this. Right now there are so many thing going on and we are neglecting the earth which made us all. It's sad that we are looking at the end, like an old sci-fi. I just hope as many people do this as possible, all you have to do is just talk, or teach, or rant. Everyone can do that once. So blog! Go to the website and register to be on the blog link list and on Oct. 15 discuss the topic. Also it's a wonderful way to maybe read new blogs that are also participating.


Maureen said...

yes it is a tall bird, yay! originally i had this idea of him growing out of a tree.. so his legs are tree trunks and roots. but i think i'm leaning towards it having to do with the effects of oil spills. by the way i love this blog action day for the environment.

Andrea Kowch said...

Awesome! I registered. So cool that you found this!